Erasmus+ Project: De kracht van verhalen vertellen

Het puntje van de rots was wat vandaag het puntje van de stoel is; Dat plekje waar je ongecontroleerd naar opschuift op het moment dat je een goed opgebouwd verhaal verteld wordt. Sterke verhalen zijn immers onmiskenbaar geestvormend. Nu én vroeger. Wereldwijd! De motiverende kracht die van goede storytelling uitgaat - is een niet te verwaarlozen gerief. Het verbaast dan ook niet dat er niet één cultuur bekend is waarin niet verteld wordt. Vermeylenfonds is zeer blij te participeren aan het Erasmus+ project rond het uitwisselen van Europese verhalen.


Good storytelling can motivate people to do amazing things and is a great asset for developing various skills.
Education and learning are no exception

AIFED coordinates the ERASMUS project THE POWER OF STORIES, approved by SEPIE and involving three countries. Bulgary, Belgium and Greece.

Good storytelling can motivate people to do amazing things and is a great asset for developing various skills. Education and learning are no exception.

The Power of the Stories emerges on the occasion of promoting social inclusion, creativity and developing their capacities to create transforming and sustainable learning environments. The project has embraced literature and storytelling as key elements for its development.

We bet on art and culture because they have the power to change behaviors and promote social inclusion. The empowerment of the most vulnerable groups of adults and the opportunity to provide them with innovative ways to cope with difficult situations has prompted us to develop this innovative project.

In the wake of the health situation, we want to raise awareness of the importance of cultural educational activities, innovation, and the development of personal and social skills.

The Power of Stories offers multiple opportunities for growth, as stories help listeners see through the eyes of others and share the protagonist's feelings of anger, fear, or love, all from a safe place. Perhaps best of all, stories stretch the imagination.

For the development of the project, we will develop a handbook for adult educators working in formal and non-formal education with activities that use storytelling as a key method to develop various personal and social skills of adults.

Each partner will conduct research at local (regional, national) level and collect at least 15 stories that have a meaning within the project objectives.

In addition to the specific outcomes, the project will ensure a couple of general outcomes that will benefit all organisations involved, but also the adult education sector, institutions, and adults in general.

This project encompasses the whole world and everything in it. There is no known culture that does not have some form of storytelling, and the yearning to know "what comes next", regardless of age, gender, culture, or century.

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